When Tech Helps the Vulnerable

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Technology is known for its place for years. We all have to spend a huge amount of time along with technology. We drove to work, flew on planes, commuted, and cooked with ovens, etc. Technology has become a daily partner of human lives. But what if when human lives go vulnerable? Will technology help us to come out of it? Is it possible that tech helps the vulnerable situation?

Even five years ago, technology seems to an external and a servant thing. But, these days, technology has been striking up towards its ubiquity and its intimacy has also been raised. In the internet realm, people have been coming up with imaginary identities in the virtual worlds. They ought to spend hours playing out parallel lives. In this pandemic time, technology has been bonding with children and has been converted as an artificial pet handled by children. 

The new generation contemplates with a new life that accustoms to wearable computing, finding it more natural to think that their eyeglasses are screen monitors and thus making their body an element to cyborg selves. Technology is the only option to surpass the current situation and make things right. Even filmmakers reflect their anxieties about the developments, present, and imminent. 

Miracles happen when mind meets machine!!

Combining human data and technology will result in creating actionable intelligence. It can be considered as an amazing way where technology meets the vulnerable. 

Quite commonly, it is evident that the money spent on health, social, and other economic issues will serve simply. Underlying the problems, technology is the best way to eradicate hurdles and make things normal. When the data and technology are there to drive reform and improve lives, the importance of technology here has been revealed. 

Especially for the vulnerable cases, it is important to take technology into concern. Using technology wisely, it helps in coming up with real-time decisions and using actionable intelligence to guarantee better outcomes. 

Few examples that explain tech helps the vulnerable have been enlisted. It helps in a better understanding of the technology in the current realm. 

Mobile phones and other gadgets have become an important tool in improving the lives of vulnerable individuals. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, there are around 7 billion mobile telephone subscriptions worldwide and most of these are in the developing countries. 

Technological improvements like the tablet or smart gadgets have been taken for granted due to the convenience of the current lifestyle. It has been warmly welcomed in our daily lives. Few individuals would argue their preference for technology and may come up with a way to tackle the level of education they have come up with. 

Now, a new stereotype has been increasing. It comes up with the concept that tech start-ups have been focusing on trivial things. In the current situation, people are trembling and thus the technology will become a better play option for those employees stuck in this lockdown. 

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